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Medical website design
$981 USD
Optimized for mobile and tablet, standard for search engines
Online appointment and reservation
Basic Local SEO

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Multilingual Medical website design
$4,500 USD
Manual translation of pages
Multilingual SEO
A maximum of 2 languages are created by our team, but you can add languages indefinitely

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Medical products E-commerce
$3,200 USD
Sales of medical, pharmaceutical, health, beauty products
Customer Account
Basic E-commerce SEO

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Web Design - Basic
$781 USD
Web Design - Value
$981 USD
Web Design - Advance
$1,423 USD
$1,632 USD
$2,611 USD
$3,132 USD
HTML Landing page Ready Templates
$134 USD
HTML Landing page Custom Templates
$389 USD
Website Maintenance Specialized
$63 USD
Website Maintenance Starter
$39 USD