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Medical website design
22,910,000 تومان
Optimized for mobile and tablet, standard for search engines
Online appointment and reservation
Basic Local SEO

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Multilingual Medical website design
130,500,000 تومان
Manual translation of pages
Multilingual SEO
A maximum of 2 languages are created by our team, but you can add languages indefinitely

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Medical products E-commerce
92,800,000 تومان
Sales of medical, pharmaceutical, health, beauty products
Customer Account
Basic E-commerce SEO

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Web Design - Basic
22,649,000 تومان
Web Design - Value
28,449,000 تومان
Web Design - Advance
41,267,000 تومان
47,328,000 تومان
75,719,000 تومان
90,828,000 تومان
HTML Landing page Ready Templates
3,683,000 تومان
HTML Landing page Custom Templates
11,281,000 تومان
Website Maintenance Specialized
1,827,000 تومان
Website Maintenance Starter
1,131,000 تومان